The DIYfuture project is currently being developed by a team of 5 partner organisations from across Europe.

Read more about our project team in the following profiles:

MIITR - International Institute for the Implementation of Sustainable Development

MIITR is a private non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia. The staff has high expertise and competences in the fields of economics, environmental, social and computer sciences, as well as in project management, promotion and dissemination activities and innovative forms of teaching. MIITR’s mission is to research, educate, raise awareness and provide advice on sustainable development, with a focus on social and green entrepreneurship, social innovation, the circular economy, youth inclusion and modern nonformal e-learning to accelerate the development of a more sustainable society. They aim to address relevant societal issues and improve the quality of life of young people and adults.

OOZ - Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Maribor

OOZ Maribor is established in accordance with the Crafts Act, the Statute of the Chamber of Crafts and Enterprise of Slovenia and the Statute of the Maribor Regional Chamber of Crafts and Enterprise. It is an independent, professional business, non-partisan organisation and a public law entity. The basic mission of the Maribor Regional Chamber of Crafts and Enterprise is to serve crafts and other entrepreneurial business entities. They mainly operate in the areas of advisory services, information activities, trade fair activities, education and exercise of public powers.

APS Polygonal

Polygonal is a non-profit organisation working in the field of education and empowerment, offering e-learning, education on sustainability and green transition, entrepreneurship education, digital and IT training. They are very active and visible at local level in Cori with different target groups, and they also work a lot with young people. Polygonal is a youth organisation whose members are mostly aged under 30 years old. The organisation started its journey as a hub for innovation in rural areas for young and powerless groups. The organisation boasts an entrepreneurship lab and digital training to improve digital and green skills.

As of 2018, more than 300 young people in schools and social clubs have been involved in their activities. All Polygonal’s activities are geared towards developing entrepreneurial skills to build self-confidence, patterns of independence, experimentation and discovery. Polygonal thus collaborates with various youth associations and organises various events throughout the year aimed at
strengthening and stimulating young people’s creativity.

"Horizont ProConsult" EOOD

Horizont ProConsult Ltd strives to achieve excellence in education by designing educational programmes, promoting and supporting learning mobility projects using non-formal education methods, and developing related methodologies and educational resources. The organisation strongly believes in the success and benefits of practical training, lifelong learning, non-formal education, international learning mobility and vocational training programmes at local and European level. Horizon ProConsult Ltd is committed to promoting quality improvement and excellence in education and training, with a particular focus on tackling unemployment and reducing skills gaps and mismatches in the labour market.

Horizont ProConsult Ltd works mainly with educational institutions in Bulgaria, but is also very active at international level, cooperating with institutions in the field of adult and vocational education and training, including CEDEFOP, companies, education providers and institutions. The organisation works to promote labour market realisation and to improve the quality of education and training, including in particular through the development of innovative educational practices and policy recommendations, the implementation of mobility schemes in real work environments and training activities.


Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organization which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional and global contexts. CSI belief, is that the four pillars of Social Interaction, Education, Development and Economic Rationalization coupled with fundamentally sound and sustainable solutions as well as disruption to streamlined solutions to systemic social problems can lead to creative solutions that impact significant change to the social fabric of every society. CSI is working closely to address market, social, economic and education challenges with governments, local administrative agencies, non for profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions. We identify and address systemic challenges through evidence based research, state of the art investigation of global, national, regional and local solutions, developing solutions by taking into consideration the local ecosystem, cultural dynamics, meet the stakeholders needs and implementing those solutions as we keep constant vigilance to ensure continual feedback loop and adjustments.